Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sabah Famous Barbecued Meat.

Hi there!!

Well just wondering how many of us knowing that at Sabah, Kota Kinabalu we have a very Famous Barbecued Meat which not only the local know about this but many of the Foreigners noted too well. Yes! that is Bee Kim Hiong located at Sagama Road at Kota Kinabalu. I meet Mr. Tan and found out from him that his shop already operated since 1976 and this is very long effort more than 30 years Hardships. Is nice tasty Barbecued Meat well go to have a try but for Muslim friends sorry about this because is a NON-HALAL food. By the way any of my blogs friends interested to share anything with me and the people of this blog please email to i will help you to post it to my blog to share with other. Off course i need to check it through 1st haha

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wong Kwok, Our Maintenance Fees Is RM 70.00 per Month, worth it?

I bought my unit at Country Height with 3 rooms, so my every month maintenance fees is RM 70.00. But what i get from paying all this to the MC and what WONG KWOK do is just appoint those irresponsible contractor to do the job. What they are concerned about it whether every we pay or not. I know that out there not even Country Height residents but like others WONG KWOK project (Beverly Hills, University apartment) there are lots of the Residents always carry those attitude `TAK APA PUNYA`. But once you knew that with those money WONG KWOK collected from every of us, per years is reach to RM 1 million at least. Please count by yourself and think about it (not only Country Height Residents But other WONG KWOK project Residents too)


Wong Kwok, Do This Look Like A Beautiful Waterfall To You?

Well, according to Site Layout Plan this is one of the beautiful designed waterfall. Do you think so? What will you do and feel being cheated by the WONG KWOK ?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wong Kwok, This is what happen to my Apartment!!

I am Resident at Wong Kwok Country Height Apartment at Block 2D. I like very much the environment at there peaceful and nature. But sadly lately i had found out lots of bad news from our Apartment Charm Bulletin and especially my block 2D. Well according from Charm follow up is already been done but only the Wong Kwok and the current Management Council is not respond and reply anything to us. Well let you to judge whether looking from this picture will you scared to live there. For me, i`m sure i not wish to be the next victims like the west Malaysia cases for the housing at hills landslide.